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The greatest gift is the
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Supporting Dharma Seed Through Donations

These talks are freely offered in the spirit of dana, or generosity. The word dana is from Pali, the language in which the teachings of the Buddha were most often passed on, through oral tradition and later in writing.

Dana was often the first practice recommended by the Buddha. He understood that the mindstate associated with freely giving to another is often the easiest way to experience a taste of liberation—to temporarily dissolve the illusory self that causes suffering.

You can listen to a short talk by Myoshin Kelly on the practice of Dana (Download, Stream).

Contributions to Dharma Seed are used only to further the spread of these teachings. Members of the Board of Dharma Seed serve as volunteers.

There are also opportunities on this site to support the work of specific teachers directly; see the links next to their individual listings for more information.

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