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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants
The Dharma Talks for Retreatants page is intended primarily for those who have attended a retreat and requires a code to access all of a particular retreat's talks. If you have a retreat code, please enter it in the box below:
If you are using this page without a Retreat Code, you can access the public talks from a retreat by selecting the retreat through the pulldown menus below:
Access Public Talks from a Retreat:

If a retreat code was not given to you at the end of your retreat you may request it by emailing Dharma Seed at or by contacting the meditation center where you attended the retreat.
Public talks (above) are ones that have not been designated as "retreatants only." Teachers may choose this designation when the talk's subject or in some cases question-and-answer periods are appropriate only for those who attended the retreat. Or, it may be that the teacher has given another talk on the same or a similar subject that they feel better represents that teaching, especially for those hearing it outside the context of a particular retreat.

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