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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2013-04-29 How to Be an Earthling... 46:09
  Wes Nisker
2013-04-24 Dependent Arising I 50:20
  Donald Rothberg
An introduction to the core teaching of Dependent Arising, with a brief account of (1) what we bring to experience (links 1-5), (2) What happens in experience (links 6-9), and (3) The consequences of experience (links 10-12). This is an analysis of the roots of suffering (dukkha) and how it is perpetuated.
2013-04-17 Dharma practice and the climate Crisis 61:12
  Donald Rothberg
At the time of Earth Day, we pose a a dilemma and challenge. Dharma practice is so compelling. The climate crisis is so compelling. Which do we choose? Both, in our own ways. We look at the ways that our practice (and principles of generosity, compassion, ethics, interdependence, and wisdom) call us to regard and that those responding deeply need spiritual practices and principles to meet the great need.
2013-04-15 Holding Identity Lightly 64:02
  Jack Kornfield
2013-04-10 May Practice and One's Life Be one--Reflections on Four weeks of Retreat 52:28
  Donald Rothberg
Reflections after just having returned from retreat, on (1) the nature and beauty of retreat, (2) the range of practices done---concentration, insight, metta, and open awareness; and (3) the deep intention to connect retreat and daily life.
2013-04-08 Garden of the Heart 2.0 56:20
  Jack Kornfield
2013-04-01 The Art of Letting Go 56:10
  Mark Coleman
What does it mean to let go in the context of the complexity of our lives and desires-how do we access inner peace that is available here and now.
2013-03-20 Awakened Viewing 61:01
  Tony Bernhard
2013-03-18 Spring Awakening 47:14
  Nina Wise
An invitation to celebrate spring by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature.
2013-03-13 Karma and the Condition of the Canon 66:22
  Tony Bernhard
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