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Dharma Talks
2022-07-24 Right Action in Response to Life 1:32:43
Eugene Cash
San Francisco Insight Meditation Community SFI Sunday Nights

2022-07-23 A Perception of Reality 1:27:37
Nathan Glyde
It is natural and right to take reality as independently real, but every perception is the best guess of what reality is. We know a prediction, rather than a fact. This invites a freedom to shape our self and world towards an ethical liberation.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Jul 2022

2022-07-22 Samadhi 63:25
Winnie Nazarko
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Unification of Mind: Concentration Retreat

2022-07-21 Map of Wisdom, Part 2 (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 69:04
Joseph Goldstein
Law of karma, right speech, dependent origination, compassion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center July Insight Meditation Retreat

2022-07-20 Dharma Talk 50:19
Winnie Nazarko
On the role of concentration in the Buddhist path to awakening. Discusses what distinguishes "wise concentration" from other types
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Unification of Mind: Concentration Retreat

2022-07-20 Meditation: The Breath – Portal to Presence 15:31
Tara Brach
The meditation starts with breathing mindfully to collect and calm the body and mind. Then we open our attention to include the changing flow in a spacious natural presence.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2022-07-20 Homecoming to Your True Nature: Awakening Beyond the Separate, Fearful Self 60:38
Tara Brach
Most of us unconsciously identify as a separate, threatened, deficient self. This talk shines a light on this conditioning and explores the ways that mindfulness, compassion and self-inquiry reveal the freedom of our true nature.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2022-07-20 Developing Equanimity in Meditation and Daily Life 56:14
Donald Rothberg
Equanimity is a balance and non-reactivity, and a connection to an inner freedom, with whatever is happening. It is a quality deeply needed both in meditation and in daily life, particularly in our challenging times. We explore equanimity first by seeing how it manifests in the lives of some of the most beloved humans who have lived, and then by identifying seven core qualities of equanimity. We identify as well some main ways of practicing to cultivate equanimity, and some of the challenges of such practices. We end with a discussion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-07-20 A Lightly Guided Meditation to Cultivate Equanimity 35:34
Donald Rothberg
After basic instructions in (1) settling and stabilizing attention, and (2) practicing mindfulness, there is a brief general guidance in practicing to cultivate equanimity, especially by noticing moments of reactivity (semi-consciously or unconsciously grasping or pushing away at the level of body, mind, or emotions), and exploring them. Such guidance is repeated about 15 minutes into the silent practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-07-20 Four Kinds of Joy 39:00
Ayya Dhammadīpā
Discovering ways to cultivate joy, and to discern what can and cannot change about your experience. Using Numbered Discourse 11.2 as a basis for developing the Path. Part of the Tuesday Tune In series of talks at Dassanāya Buddhist Community.
Dassanāya Buddhist Community

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